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A team with a huge dose of knowledge and experience

We believe that the personality and experience of engineers and producers is at least as important as the quality of the studio, equipment and instruments. That’s why we’re proud of our recording and mixing talents. Not only do they have a lot of musical and technical knowledge, but they have also gained a lot of experience during various musical collaborations with other producers and artists.

Kees Luijt


Kees played as a guitarist in various bands, but the studio attracted him the most. By founding and building Lil’Heaven Studios, he has fulfilled his dream. He combines a passion for recording and mixing with coaching musical talent.

Vincent MacDonald

Musician / Coach

Vincent is a youth coach, songwriter and producer. Like no other he guides young people in their musical and personal development through musical motivation and inspiration.

Alain Kalender

Recording / Live engineer / Mixer / Synth guru

Alain has a huge passion for everything that has to do with music and equipment. He has a lot of knowledge and love for analog synthesizers, and is very skillful with various software. A chunk of positive energy for long sessions in the studio!

Lars Florijn

Mic Engineer / Mix and Mastering engineer

Lars has a long background in live engineering. In recent years he has started to focus more on studio work, where his passion lies, focusing on mic techniques and mastering.

Our philosophy

Lil’Heaven is essentially a commercial studio but with a semi-philanthropic mindset. We strive to provide the widest possible range of services in the creative music sector. In addition to the commercial aspect, we find it equally important to offer young talent a safe place to develop their skills and art. We offer young talent the opportunity to record and release music for reduced  fees or social currency deals. For example, by exchanging services with each other, it is also possible for starting musicians with a smaller budget to rent our professional studio and/or use our facilities and services.

We make fair agreements about intellectual property and any income. It is not our own interest that is the starting point, but that of the musician. Together we look for possibilities that match what musicians need as much as possible.