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Record and experiment in our studio

Lil’ Heaven is an inspiring, pleasant and relaxed environment to make music.
The recording studio is spacious with high ceilings and has a pleasant, three-dimensional acoustic. With room for at least ten musicians, there is ample space to experiment and inspire each other.


Good, balanced acoustics are an important part of the recording process. Our live room has a relatively short, natural reverb and can be adjusted with baffles. The vocal booth is dry, but not too much. Ideal for vocals, isolated instruments or a small jazz kit.

The control room was designed with critical listening in mind, focused on both recording and mixing. This makes mixing easier, more pleasant and less time consuming. An ideal combination!


Lil’ Heaven uses old school and new school technology. Cabling is fully Van Damme and Gotham with Neutrik connectors. Classics such as the LA2a and Gates Sta Level, a plate reverb and a BX20 spring reverb give your sound its own character. In addition, we have a range of high-end software and plugins. The microphones reflect this ethos; from old RCA ribbons to modern capacitors. Monitoring is provided by PMC IB1s as main, for superb stereo imaging and definition. Monitoring for musicians is done via our Aviom system.

Solid State Logic Origin mixing console as center piece

32 channels in-line mixing console with famous SSL bus compressor. 16 groups and 8 stereo buses, 6 auxes and 2 cues. All faders with a 0Db function. This is what we call “analog bliss”!

Facility or in-house

Our studio can be rented with or without the help of our own engineers, in case you want to work with your own engineer. In that case, we provide a short tutorial to your own engineer prior to set up and recording. During the recording days, there is always someone from Lil ‘Heaven nearby who can help if necessary.

Live inclusive

In addition to audio recordings, Lil’ Heaven lends itself as a special backdrop for holding or streaming small performances or recording videos. Inquire about the possibilities!

Lil' Heaven is a place where you can be yourself. This pleasant atmosphere also fits the history of the building in the center of Arnhem. Here were housed successively a dance school, De Katoenclub Jazz Club and the nightclubs Max Brothers and The Mansion. Life in this building has always revolved around relaxation, entertainment and (live) music.