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Thanks to the inspiring music studio, you can be sure that your recording will be special


Whether you come in as a singer-songwriter, band or small orchestra, our recording chain is set up for it. Recordings start with the music and the instruments themselves. We adjust the recording process and the choice of mics and preamps accordingly. Everything in one room or would you rather record it one track at a time? Choices abound, and we are there to help you.

Check our studio equipment list further down this page to get an impression of what we have on hand!


In addition to recording, we also offer mixing services in house. You can do this yourself, or have it done by one of our experienced mixers.
We are proponents of ‘the best of both worlds’ philosophy. This is our hybrid approach between In the Box (ITB) and analog, in which the SSL Origin plays an important role. For example, you can complete a mix completely ITB and only send the master output via the SSL. Or, at the other extreme, run your mix completely old school via the mixing console. And of course everything in between!


The last step until your product is ready for release. Mastering is a profession in its own right, with its own requirements for listening, space and equipment. We work closely with a renowned mastering company. One of our engineers is also mastering engineer, and we have full access to the facilities of this company. A test master is of course one of the options, in order to be able to make a comparison with colleagues.


Do you have an idea for a song, or a song text in need of music? We can help you take the production of your song to a higher level. There are different options. We can fully unburden you throughout the entire process, or alternatively, you can stay in full control and we simply deliver the hands. We can provide this in all musical genres, due to our network of writers and musicians.

Music studio

Lil’ Heaven’s recording studio is an inspiring, pleasant and relaxed environment where musicians from different backgrounds can make music, experiment, record and release music alone or together. Here musicians help each other to gain experience and grow musically and professionally. And when it’s time for a break, you can chill in our central lounge area.

Session musicians

We aim to achieve a “Motown” style workflow, with a select number of musicians. At the same time we’re building a network of talented musicians and writers. Think of drummers, bassists, guitarists, pianists, percussionists, strings or wind players. We strive to bring together musicians with talent and professionalism.

Live Event or Video Location

Do you want to record a clip or video of your own songs or do a “live” recording? You can do that in our studio! We provide the space and can arrange a crew for you if necessary. The ambiance and look of our studio create a cool backdrop for clips or performances.

Editing, Podcasting and Youtube

In addition to regular music productions, we have facilities for making your own podcasts and Youtube films. For example, we have a number of GoPro cameras and suitable lights for image recording. We can also edit your recordings, in order to take some of this usually less fun work off your hands. This leaves you with more time to focus on the creative side of production.

Writing Camps

There is nothing more fun and inspiring than working on music with different musicians. By organizing writing camps we bring together musicians from different genres, knowledge and experience. To learn, inspire and flourish.

Studio Equipment

We have an extensive collection of classic and modern microphones to capture every vibe. We primarily record via the SSL Origin, but offer a choice of external preamps from Rupert Neve, CAPI, Chandler and Focusrite, among others, to add more color to your signal. Conversion is via Apogee Symphony MkII with 32 channels of pristine AD/DA. Conversion is also possible via Burl Audio and Universal Audio.

For those who want to add even more ‘magic’, we have a collection of outboard gear from, among others, Chandler, Empirical Labs, Teletronix/UA, Manley, AMS Neve and Eventide. These units help give your songs that extra dimension that only outboard can give. We also have a real plate reverb and a BX20 spring. A wide range of plugins is available, which are essential for modern productions.

Recording Equipment

  • SSL Origin 32 inputs
  • Apogee Symphony MkII 32 in / Out
  • Burl B2 Bomber Stereo ADC
  • PMC IB1s
  • Focal Trio 11Be
  • Avantone MixCubes
  • 32 x SSL Pure Drive
  • 2 x CAPI VP28 500 series
  • Chandler TG-2 (2 channel)
  • 2x Vintech Audio x73i
  • 2x RND 511
  • Forusrite ISA 428
  • 1x Chandler TG-1
  • 1x Empirical Labs Distressor
  • 1x UA Teletronix LA2a
  • 1x Gates Sta Level (Drip Electronics)
  • 1x Altec 1612A Fet Compressor
  • 1x Hairball 1176
  • 1x Valley People Dynamite
  • 1x IGS Audio
  • 1x SSL BusCompressor
  • 1x API 525
  • 1x Lindell 7x
  • 1x Standard Audio Stretch
  • 1x Serpent Audio Chimera La3a
  • 32 channels SSL E-series EQ
  • 1x Manley Massive Passive
  • 2x EQp1a by AML
  • 2x KushAudio Clariphonic EQ
  • 2x Roger Mayer HD426 Tape
  • Eventide H3000
  • Plate reverb (the real deal!)
  • AMS Neve RMX16 500series
  • 1x Meris Audio Reverb
  • 1x CopyCat tape echo
  • Strymon Volante and Mobius
  • TC Electronics Alter Ego, and more!
  • Elektron Drive
  • Juno 60 Chorus
  • Roland RE-20 (pedal)
  • Guyatone Analog Echo AE-5
    And loads of guitar FX!


  • 1x Neumann U67 Ri
  • 1x Neumann M149
  • 1x Flea U47
  • 1x Rode NTK modded
  • 2x Telefunken ELA M260
  • 1x RCA 77DX
  • 1x RCA 74b Junior modded
  • 1x AEA Nuvo N22
  • 1x AEA R88 stereo
  • 1x Royer R121
  • 1x Royer R-10
  • 1x Neumann U87
  • 1x Wunder Audio CM7fet
  • 1x AKG 414 XLS
  • 1x AKG 414 B-ULS
  • 2x Oktava MK012
  • AKG C451 EB
  • 6x Sennheiser MD421
  • 2x Sennheiser MD441
  • 4 x Shure SM57
  • 2x Shure SM58
  • 2x Shure SM7b
  • 1x AKG D12
  • 1x AKG D112
  • 1x Shure SM52
  • 1x Audix D6
  • 1x SubKick
  • 1x Audix D6


  • Orange Little teror + Cab
  • Orange Rockerverb50
  • Fender Twin
  • Fender BassMan
  • Egnater Tweaker
  • SWR Silverado
    And more…
  • Various Tama, Sonor, Pearl
  • Various snares
  • Percussion
  • Yamaha U3 upright piano
  • Moog Sub 37
  • Sequential Circuits Phophet 6
  • Nord rack II
  • Dave Smith Mopho
  • Korg MS2000
  • Nord Elektro I
  • Akai S2000 x2
  • Logic Pro X
  • ProTools (on request)
  • Ableton Live 11
  • Waves Plugins (various)
  • Isotope (various)
  • Soundtoys Complete
  • PlugIn Alliance
  • Slate Digital
  • Spitfire Audio (various)
  • Softtube
  • OekSound Soothe
  • Native Instruments
    and more!
  • Various Modular: Doepfer,
  • Squarp; Instruo; Erika Synths;
  • Mutable Instruments; 4MS;
  • Endorphine a.o.
  • Moog One-8
  • Elektron Digitone
  • Elektron Analog Rytm
  • Elektron Analog Four
  • Roland MC303
  • Yamaha DX7
  • Korg MS-10 and Poly 61
  • MFB Dominion
  • Vermona perFOURmer

Dit is wat anderen hebben ervaren in onze studio

Matthijs Kieboom
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Who knew that one of my favorite studios turned out to be a walking distance from my home! I have recorded a couple of times in Lil’ heaven and it was a blast!! The studio is well equipped and has a great atmosphere that is both inviting and inspiring. The guys who work there are extremely talented and passioned about their craft, they know what they’re doing which allows me to fully focus on my part of the recording session.
R.A.T. Band (R.A.T.)
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We recorded our debut album ‘lift off’ at Lil’ Heaven studio and we totally fell in love with the place. The place is crammed with fantastic gear and the studio room sounded terrific. Also important to mention is that Kees instantly let you feel at home. We love to come back one time to create more music!
Dale Smeets
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Top studio in arnhem! Professionele mensen, leuke en creatieve sfeer! Voor zowel studio opnamens/songwriting en coaching kan je bij hun terecht🤘🏻
Maurice Ditmer
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Top mensen, mooie studio !
Megan van der Sman
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Prachtige studio&equipment met top vakmensen en een hele prettige sfeer. Ze hebben meerdere studio ruimtes en een fantastische (en grote!) liveroom. De locatie is ook top! All in all een 10/10!