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A professional recording studio and breading ground to inspire each other

The Solid State Logic Origin, the beating heart of our studio

Here at Lil’ Heaven we record and mix on the new SSL console, the Origin. The SSL Origin has 32 channels of pure analog heaven!

Give your mix some glue

You can hire our studio to record demo’s, singles or your whole album. In addition to the SSL Origin, we have a large amount of analog outboard and mics, various acoustic instruments and a large synth collection. We can help you from the moment inspiration strikes right up to the end product. With a network of talented musicians at hand, we can get top notch recordings for your music. We deliver the “glue” to bring your musical ideas to fruition!

Write and produce music undisturbed in your own writing room

We have two fully equipped writing rooms for song writers, producers and artists. Here you can write, compose and record your tracks in an acoustically treated, cozy atmosphere, with enough space to collaborate comfortably with 2 to 3 people. Ook beschikken we over een grotere editruimte die tevens dienst kan doen als Youtube- en Podcastruimte. Alle ruimtes zijn voorzien van Dante verbinding met de controlekamer om grote simultane werksessies mogelijk te maken.

Let's talk numbers

Our live room is roughly 54m2, with a ceiling height of 4,20m: ideal for the sound of acoustic instruments to fully blossom! Attached is a vocal booth of 10m2, which can be used to track instruments or vocalists separately from a band, or to track amplifiers. Our control room is 25m2 with a maximum height of 3,5m. All three are visually connected via large windows to allow for optimal visual contact between players, engineers and producer.

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